The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: The Metamorphosis Metamorphosis refers to the biological transformation of an organism (like insects) from one stage of life to another. The term also entails complete structural changes in physical appearance. During metamorphosis, insects change in their physical structures and characteristics. Biology also explains that even the behavior changes as organism modify. As a body changes, it increases its ability and structural composition. It encompasses growth and development. It also entails an increase in functions, ability, and physical events. This title definitely referred to Grete and not Gregor because; unlike Grete, Gregor life was more of stagnation. This study explores the life of Gregor and Grete with the title of the story. This study views changes that occur in the characters life to qualify the title of the book. This study also justifies that Gregor’ life was stagnation and therefore the reverse of the title. Transformations in Grete Samsa Grete is Gregor’s younger sister to in the narrative. She stands by Gregor and even offers to take care of him when the first housemaid quit babysitting Gregor. Grete ensures that her brother has food to eat she even brings variety to know what Gregor would like to eat in his new transformed body. At the beginning of the narrative, Grete stood by the brother even when the employee meant to do the job flees. However, Grete is the only character who metamorphosed. Physical size, feelings, beliefs, economic status, and marital status are transformations in Grete’s life, which reflects on the title of the story. Feelings and beliefs At the beginning of the story, Grete

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