the mental health consequences of unemployment

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The Mental Health Consequences of Unemployment Name University Affiliation Date Abstract This paper analyzes the existing relationships between depression and a person’s employment status. The findings show that the two are interrelated and one can lead to the other. Also, the paper looks at how the society views the unemployed and how these perceptions may result in psychological problems. Apart from one possibility of developing depression due to long periods of being unemployed, depression also contributes to unemployment as people are less likely to get employed if they are suffering from deep depressions. Vocational psychology can play a significant role in resolving the mental problems resulting from unemployment as people can learn to find contentment not just to employment but in managing to take care of their needs in other fields as well. Consequently, this can help reduce depressive conditions resulting due to unemployment. The view that a person’s job defined who they are is long overdue hence even the employed suffer from depression. The Mental Health Consequences of Unemployment What does it mean to have sociological Imagination? Having sociological imaginations means that a person views activities, people, problems, and events from a different perspective other than every day's routine (Giddens, 1996). Such a person views things from a third party perspective. For instance, instead of considering drinking coffee as a self-care activity one can see it as caffeine containing beverage that causes addiction. Also one can view the same coffee drinking as a social ambience that brings friends and business partners together during meetings. In

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