The Marijuana Legalization Debate

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The use of legalization of cannabis continues to become one of the most hotly debated topics in the United States. For a long time, Cannabis derivatives have been used for medical purposes such as in the creation of anesthesia. However, use in the mainstream society has remained heavily controlled. Due to its medical use, research has continued around the subject to understand the real hazardous nature of cannabis while others investigate the potential benefits of the drug. Like any contentious issue, the arguments for or against the legalization of marijuana are highly polarized. The results of research are therefore always skewed on any side to preserve the credibility of the party which the individual is supporting. As a result, there is a large pool of data indicating that both onions are valid. The question of whether the drugs should be legalized is therefore in most cases delegated to a case of individual morality. Sound judgment is however required in deciding the eventuality of such a case which bears important directives for the life of the Americans. Traditionally, the use of most drugs was relegated to personal concern born of religious principles. In 1937, there was the introduction of a Marijuana Tax Act in the US. This law was intended to introduce taxes to anyone who was selling cannabis to curb the extensive misuse of drugs in the. However, structural failure or deliberate actions from the authorities resulted in no instituted frameworks for licensing of cannabis sale (Anaekwe 1). As a result, cannabis use became illegal. This saw a drastic reduction in the US number of users, but it did not entirely diminish the drug consumptions. Between 1937 and

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