The Major Components of Life

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Major Components of Life Student’s Name Institution Major Components of Life Question One Water as a substance or compound is a chemical that exists in abundance. An adult body is composed of close to 60% water present mostly in the cells, body fluids, and tissues. The importance of water to living things derives from its capability to existing in different properties, i.e., solid, liquid and gas (Albèr et al., 2014). As one of the most abundant elements, carbon, on the other hand, is essential as it forms the basic building block for all lives on Earth. Since the human beings can neither create nor destroy carbon, all the living organisms must devise ways of reusing it. As a solvent, water transports many essential particles and molecule to many parts of both plants and animals body. Water also transports ions in and out of the biological organisms, for example, transportation of oxygen in the blood. Also important to note is that water takes part in different chemicals reactions in the body as pointed out by Wu et al. (2014). The author adds that solution form an excellent medium for a chemical reaction since the solvent encloses solute. Carbon, on the other hand, creates the chemical basis for the molecules in the body that are primary in maintaining life. Some of the particles include lipids, carbohydrates, and nucleic acid among others. Both water and carbon are essential compounds for prokaryotes, for example, the cell uses carbon to manufacture organic compounds. Water, on the other hand, is necessary for the prokaryotic since they do not have a cell nucleus. Water, therefore, acts as a medium that transports the parts of the cell like the ribosomes

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