The lottery By: Shirley Jackson

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date The Lottery: Shirley Jackson In this short narrative, Jackson uses plot, setting, and symbolism along with man vs. society conflict to illustrate the theme of tradition. Tradition implies the practices that people engage in for the simple reason that they have always been there. The title of the story is a tradition in itself. It is a thought-provoking story that makes use of literary devices in the twist and turn of events bringing about an unexpected end. It is interesting to note the ambiguity presented by the author as regards to the reason behind the lottery in a society that blindly follows tradition. In developing the theme of tradition, Jackson draws a well-developed plot that clearly illustrates the theme of tradition. The initial situation is the expression of an easy summer day when people begin to gather to hold a lottery for a prize that is not revealed at the beginning. Conflict sets in when Bill Hutchinson gets the lottery and his wife, Tess strongly disagrees with the results. The plot thickens when Bill’s family members draw timidly from the box, and the complication is in finding out who the winner of the lottery is. At the climax, Tess claims the lottery, and she becomes unhappy. There is suspense in Tess’ protests, and she is in dire desperation. In the denouement to resolve the suspense, the villagers stone Tess to death – the prize of the lottery. The lottery is an annual tradition the villager's practice. The villagers neither have the knowledge of how the tradition began nor the end of it. It is a natural force that drives people furiously against the winner, and no one can

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