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This course is one of the most interesting courses in my syllabus and entails various essential and real life issues of the current society. Some of the major issues covered in this course include choice of sexuality such as LGBTQS that involves the concepts of lesbianism, gayism, bisexual, transgender, questioning and straight sexualities. This essay is focused on the increased campaign for tolerating the freedom of choice of sexuality in our societies and the need to recognize gays, lesbians, and people of different sexuality as equal. I have also learned the various methods and strategies used to increase awareness on the need to respect various types of sexuality in the society. For instance, the media is one of the major channels through which choice of sexuality is encouraged. Internet sites, media houses, and films nowadays contain much gay-related instances and content so as to encourage recognition of these people as part of the society. This campaign had intensified over the last two decades when most films and movies such as Chicago Hope and Coach contained several instances of gayism, lesbianism and bisexuality. Besides, television channels started engaging in airing gay-related content during the family time such as during dinner hours. This paper, therefore, is focused on changing the homophobic nature of our societies and transforming them into liberal social individuals. Also, the essay analyzes the various critical issues and personal insights that can be made from this course, as well as the current societal stance on various issues of sexuality. According to coursework and additional research on this course, I learned the various risks attributed to

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