The Lady with the Dog by Anton Chekhov

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Student’s name Institutional affiliation Date Literary Analysis on the Lady with the Dog Authored by Antony Chekhov, the ‘lady with the dog’ is a famous and widely circulated short story that describes a love affair between two characters who are married to other people. The short story makes use of a Russian banker named Gurov and a young lady named Anna Sergeyevna who upon meeting while in vacation in Yalta starts an adulterous love affair. The lady with the dog is systematically split into four parts whereby the first part presents the initial meeting in Yalta while the second part describes the start of the love affair between Gurov and Anna while in Yalta. The Gurov’s return to Moscow is presented in the third section while The last section highlights instances of Anna’s visit to Moscow. The author uses the different setting in the narration of this short story hence distorting the typical story structure. It is filled with a tremendous change of setting that ultimately affects the characters’ lives. This paper, therefore, aims at exploring the literary analysis of the short story ‘the lady with the dog’ by Antony check highlights the character development, techniques employed in writing, an analysis of the characters, plot, and setting. Dmitri Gurov is a discontented married man though he appears as someone who lives an ordinarily live. He has children and a wife who most of the times are despised as he thinks of her as unintelligent and inelegant. Dimitri is described to have been intrigued by Anna on her appearance. At the seafront of Yalta, the scene of this young lady walking alone with her dog fascinates Gurov who immediately develops

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