The Issue Behind School Uniforms

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d advice on the adoption of uniforms in schools as related to attendance, behavior, substance use, association with gangs and academic achievement. Her assessment is candid and subjective as she takes an argumentative approach to the realism of wearing a uniform. In the process, Caruso offers her take basing her reference on the Long Beach Unified School District. A uniform is not necessarily a culture of a school or society, but an indication of conformity and distinction. Although there is a pressing question of reliability and validity, there are proofs of improved performance and low crime among the students who wear uniforms. In the article, Caruso discusses the merits and demerits of wearing a uniform at school while delving into the issue of rules and how they are violated. She adopts a comparative approach to assessing the advantages and disadvantages of wearing or not wearing a uniform. Some of the raised benefits include increased attendance, raised concentration in class, higher self-esteem, and oneness and lowered cost of schooling. She, however, identifies that wearing uniform infringes some constitutional right, are prone to misuse of administrative power and may not necessarily prevent gang activities. Where she highlights some tangible evidence of the benefits of wearing uniforms, she has not found proof that is not wearing them cause’s poor performance and gang activities in schools. However, the test research suggests slight correlations between wearing uniforms and behavioral or academic outcomes, but Caruso recommends the issue is re-examined disregarding the economic factor and private school based policies where uniforms are not mandatory. She

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