The Internet and Social Media are Economically and Socially Productive

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The Internet and Social Media are Economically and Socially Productive Introduction The Internet is the pivotal technology of the 21st century. Individuals, firms, and institutions experience the extent of the technological transformation, yet the pace and latitude of the change have generated all types of dystopian and utopian viewpoints that turn out to be inaccurate when explored closely via procedurally thorough empirical research. The media, for example, frequently report that extreme application of the Internet raises the chance of alienation, withdrawal, and detachment from the society, yet the port in hand indicates that the Internet does not detach persons or minimizes their sociability (Sarri 14). The Internet actually raises civic involvement, sociability, and the strength of friendship and family affiliations, in every culture. The network society today is the result of the digital transformation and some significant sociocultural revolutions. One of these changes is the emergence of the self-centered society characterized by an increased concentration on individual development and a drop in society understood in regards to work, space, attribution, and family in general. However, individuation does not imply detachment or the termination of the society. Rather, the social relationships are being reestablished on the grounds of individual passions, undertakings, and values. The society is created via individuals’ pursuits for like-inclined persons in a process that unites online contact with offline connection local space, and cyberspace (Sarri 15). The Internet and social media are productive both economically and socially. Social Impacts of the Internet

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