The Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution began in Britain during the late 1700s, where the manufacturing which was majorly done in homes in small scale changed to manufacturing in industries in large scale (McCloskey, 1981). The revolution immensely affected sectors that required machinery for mass production for example agriculture, transportation, textiles, iron making among others. The revolution then spread around the European countries up to the United States in the early 19th century. The demand for goods had gone up, and the merchants were tired of the inconsistent and unreliable manufacture of products by people and thus the need to innovate and come up with faster and cost effective methods of production (Carter et al., 2006). This need by the people triggered the inventors to critically think and try to solve the problem that was at hand. The textile industry was among the most fortunate sectors during the industrial revolution. This was because it was one of the errors where the first inventions were used for example, James Hargreaves invented the spinning jenny around 1764 which helped reduced the time spent in manufacture and production of threads. The Jenny was later improved by the invention of the spinning mule (Harley, 1998). The other significant invention was the power loom which was significantly reduced the time spent in weaving clothes. The initial cause of industrialization in the United States was caused by the enactment of the Embargo Act of 1807 and the War of 1812. This was after a US cargo ship was gunned down by the British when they did not allow them on board to inspect the cargo. The conflicts finally led to the war of 1812. The conflicts and the bad

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