The importance of Stretching and Maintaining Flexability as We Age

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THE IMPORTANCE OF STRETCHING AND MAINTAINING FLEXIBILITY AS WE AGE Stretching is known as a classic anti-aging secret and therefore a critical tool for those who want to remain flexible and active in their advanced years. The primary importance of stretching is to prevent the shortening and rigidity of muscles. This ensures that they are flexible and thus ensures ease of motion in joints making movement easier for older people. If the muscles are short and tight, it means that it is harder to make them stretch all the way when changing position resulting in either pain or fatigue due to the excess amount of energy that has to be exerted to complete the activity. According to experts, one must strive to stretch every muscle daily especially those in the lower extremities where mobility is critical to the quality of everyday life. Besides, stretching helps to improve body balance which reduces the accidental falling that aging people may be prone to. The improved condition of the joints enables individuals to have better posture and therefore boosts their confidence. This has a positive implication for their social life. Stretching is known to be effective at maintaining important parts such as the glute muscle that can be harmed by long sitting. This can be the reality for seniors who do not have to move a lot or even middle age people who are trapped at their job desks for the whole day. Additionally, the thoracic which connects many parts such as shoulder and neck can be relieved of the pressure accumulated while staying in one position by simple stretches.` Other significant benefits of stretching ease of breathing as well as reduced anxiety. Stretching

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