The Impact That Viewing the DVD on educational experience

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The series of videos have made me realize that there are various factors which control human sexuality such as material things, voices and body movements. However, the physical and biological factors play a greater role in human sexuality when compared to other factors such as spiritual factor. Biologically, from the videos, the majority of the human sexual behaviors are explained by the hormones such as from the video “Is monogamy the answer” the researcher found out that vasopressin is responsible for monogamous tendencies in males. Further, in the recording "testosterone and dopamine" the researcher explains that testosterone impels the male to compete for females and mate while the hormone dopamine make them want to have sex continuously. Physically, there are various body shapes that men and women are attracted. For example, in the video "shapely figures" the male tend to look at the females hips and waist which they find more sexually attractive. A discussion of the information you found that would be useful for individual or couple’s therapy. First, the videos refute the prevailing false notion that men are promiscuous than women. From the video "mating for life" individuals can decide to have sex monogamously or to have multiple partners, as such females just as men can be promiscuous. Moreover, in "Is monogamy the answer" monogamy in both male and female is controlled by a hormone, vasopressin. Monogamous people have more vasopressin than promiscuous individuals. Secondly, it was discovered in “testosterone and dopamine” video that the hormone testosterone drives men to have sex and in the video “flirting females” the researchers established that

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