the impact of virtual and concrete manipulatiive in the mathematics classroom

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IMPACT OF VIRTUAL AND CONCRETE MANIPULATIVES IN THE MATHEMATICS CLASSROOM Name Institution Affiliation Does the use of manipulative materials affect the student learning of mathematics? It has been established that students acquire knowledge through an active process that engages them (Boggan, Harper, & Whitmire, 2010). According to Cockett and Kilgour (2015), one of the best strategies to introduce an active and engaging learning environment is to use the manipulative materials. The use of manipulatives can enhance the ability of the students to collaborate effectively, support student engagement, and enhance their confidence levels during mathematic classes. This essay examines the effects of using manipulatives for student learning of mathematics. Cockett and Kilgour (2015) observe that mathematics classrooms require collaboration than most subjects taught in schools. However, achieving collaboration in teaching subjects like mathematics is sometimes challenging. Unlike other subjects, mathematics learning takes place across different stages. To move from one stage to the next, the student must properly synthesize whatever is being taught by the teacher. To begin with, the use of mathematics enhances the students’ thinking skills. According to Boggan, Harper, & Whitmire (2010), thinking and reasoning is some of the most important components of learning mathematics. The abstract nature of mathematics calls for proper reasoning for the students to understand the mathematical concepts. But how can the teacher enhance the student reasoning in the classroom? When the teacher uses manipulatives, he/she gives the students the opportunity to compare and

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