The Impact of Marijuana Policies in the United States

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“THE IMPACT OF MARIJUANA POLICIES IN THE UNITED STATES” Name Institution Abstract For many years, marijuana has been a topic of discussion in the United States. This paper will discuss the various marijuana policies for states which are opposed to the idea of legalization of marijuana and those which have gone ahead to pass recreational and medical marijuana policies. Furthermore, federal law and the reasons for the drug remaining illegal under the federal law will be discussed alongside the effects this has had to the United States. The conflicts that exist between federal and state laws with regard to marijuana will also be a point of focus. Also, the war on drugs by the federal government will also be reviewed so as we can understand the history of marijuana laws and policies. Moreover, this paper will show that the marijuana policies have done more harm than good and alternative options will be explored of reducing the use of marijuana and also try and gauge the future of the United States. Introduction The cultivation of Marijuana in the United States has been around from the 17th Century. The plant gained fame and was given the courtesy of being documented in a medical reference book. The view by the public of the drug came to a sudden change in the 20th century when certain movements decided to curb its use in the society as it was seen to have adverse effects. Later on, their cries for the regulation of the drug was heard, and laws were passed that prohibited the non-medical use of marijuana. With the passing of these laws, the medical use of the drug was still legal to 1970; then an Act was formulated by the federal government which is known today

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