The Impact of Internet Knowledge on College Students

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Student’s NameProfessor’s Name Course Date Impact of Internet Knowledge on College Students Knowledge is an essential prerequisite that is needed before anybody can conduct any research. “Knowledge is a critical component in social research”CITATION Wei08 p n.p l 1033 (Wei and Zhang n.p). Unlike before where knowledge was concentrated in dusty old books, the past 50 years have represented a paradigm shift in the accumulation of knowledge from people and books to the internet. Today, almost any kind of information can be found on the web, which is simply at the click of a button. The biggest beneficiaries have been researchers and college students who do not have to spend countless hours going through books in the hope of finding something useful. All such data has been digitized, and this has made things easier and faster. Conversely, however, one can argue that college students are a lot lazier than they used to be. Not having to struggle to get access to information has seen an increase in plagiarism and an unwillingness to go beyond what is only on the internet. In light of this, it becomes prudent to understand the exact effects that internet has had on the knowledge of students who are in college. This paper highlights the negative effects of internet use on college students and further, how the internet can be used positively by such students. BACKGROUND An increasing number of students are turning to the internet every time they conduct research while even more, course instructors are making internet use compulsory. The vastness of the internet makes its use entirely different from using conventional research methods such as books and journals.

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