The Impact of Economic Austerity on the Cost Cutting Strategies

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Name: Instructor: School: Date: The Impact of Economic Austerity on the Cost Cutting Strategies in KSA In every given region, there is bound to be economic changes over time. The changes could tilt to the positive, whereby there is an economic improvement, or to the negative where the region experiences economic downturns. Improvements of economies emanate from deliberate efforts of the states and also external factors. On the other hand, economic downturns, much as they may have external forces, call for strategic actions that ought to curb unnecessary expenses while embracing the methods of creation of more wealth. In this paper, there is an in-depth discussion of various growth rate economic issues due to war in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There is explicit indulgence into the exploration of the strategies of implementing the right sizing in cost cutting measures in the region. Economic issues in KSA The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia comprises mainly a desert. As such, many people would expect that it is an emerging country and it is comparatively not. It constitutes the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula. The Kingdom of South Arabia borders the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf coastlines. It is the birthplace of Islam which is highly significant in the economic discussion of the region because Muslims are known to be highly industrious and do quite well in business, (Hasan, Hanaa, 109). Despite the realization that the country is a desert, it has possessions of excellent natural resources which include petroleum, natural gas, and iron. In the economic deliberations of a region, different factors can contribute to the growth rate. Some factors contribute to positive

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