The Immigrant identity

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The Immigrant identity Even though people may change their locations permanently into a new environment with new people, it is tough for them to leave their culture for a new culture. However, the acculturation process could be easy if the new people one leaves in embrace the immigrants’ culture and value their way of life. Basing on that, Yen Le Espiritu in her book Asian American Women and Men explores the theoretical concept of the benevolent United States. Through the developed perceptions about the American nation that glorifies the American dream, many people of Asian ethnicity found themselves victims lured into the United States. Encouraged by the possibilities and simplicity of achieving individual’s life goals in such a nation, many people found themselves struggling to keep up with the American culture which undermines the power of other cultures, in particular, the Asian culture. She also evaluates the ideological racism and cultural resistance and how they manifest in the American society. Additionally, as a reflection on the similar issue, Le Thi Diem Thuy through his novel The Gangster We Are All Looking For narrates of the life of unnamed Vietnamese girl. The girl encounters different experiences that she metaphorically feels constrained her abilities an immigrant in the United States. Comparing the two texts, it is worth evaluating the revelation about cultural identity theme of race in The Gangster We Are Looking For using Yen Le Espiritu’s theory of benevolent United States. With the understanding of the benevolent United States myth, the Asian Americans have developed measures of ending cultural resistance through fighting of exoticization,

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