The idea of marriage in the middle ages

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The idea of marriage in the middle ages Marriage in the middle ages was not an entirely romantic affair. During the middle ages, the institution of marriage was influenced by factors such as the people’s customs, family, and religion among others. For instance, the family performed a crucial role in arranged marriages. In such cases, marriage was not based on love, but it was rather perceived to be an avenue for the exchange of property. By looking at different scenarios regarding marriage, the readings help in painting a clear picture of the complex nature of marriage in the middle ages. In ‘The Paston Family on Love and Marriage,’ the idea of planned marriage is revealed. Margery, who was about 20 years old at the time, is considered by the family to be of marriageable age. As a matter of fact, some marriage negotiations had been carried out to find her suitor, but none of them had been successful. Given that her age was advancing, her chances of getting married were narrowing down, and she was likely to face the common fate of women during this period. To avoid the likelihood of having to spend the rest of her life in a monastery due to her advancing age, she chooses to take Richard as her husband. Concurrently, during this time marriage was something people engaged in for material and social interests other than being an institution of love. Marriages in the Paston’s family were used strategically to gain status by initiating closer ties with another well off families. It is evident in the angry letter written by John III to express his anger over Richard’s decision to make his sister sell candles. However, this did not eliminate the role of love in

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