The History Research paper will consist of a topic pertaining to U.S. Military History(Harley Davidson during WWII)

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Harley Davidson during WWII Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Harley-Davidson is one of the most significant contributors during World War II. The company produced a variety of vehicle models designed to meet the US Military’ requirements for the battle. Some of the productions made include the XA, WLA, WSR, and the TA. These new models were modifications from previously existing ones such as the German BMW R71 and WL. The modified versions had improved qualities such as increased cooling and riding efficiencies so enable movement if poor environmental conditions including snowy, muddy or dusty regions. The army made suggestions for the designs which Harley Davidson’s engineers followed diligently, eventually earning the company several awards for its considerable participation in the conflict. Harley-Davidson manufactured about 88,000 vehicles during WWII era and made many spare parts enough to build 30,000 more cycles. And although the army rarely utilized the motorcycles for combat purposes, the primary objective included policing work, escort duty, and courier. Harley Davidson during WWII Harley Davidson is an American motorbike producer founded in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company played a crucial role in the military history particularly during World War II by manufacturing motorcycles to a great scale for military use while at war. The United States Army specifications for the motorbikes’ model were WLA. This model was deemed best suited for army operations as well as its expansion plans. While there were other means of transport utilized by the U.S. military including vessels, automobiles, and aircraft, the incorporation of

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