The Healthcare Interview

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Healthcare Interview Proper medical attention, through the entire process of determining the appropriate diagnosis, examination, and treatment wholly relies upon effective communication between the patient and the healthcare provider, which is accurate and open. Most diagnoses that are made rely almost entirely on the information given by the patient, and a failure to express everything that is relevant to the treatment process might lead to a worse medical outcome. An explanation of the diagnosis made by the medical personnel and the treatment recommended and an expression of the patient's concerns and fears is only possible when there is sufficient communication between the parties. In this paper, I describe my relationship with my healthcare provider and my experience the first time I got to interact with them. I describe the healthy patient medical service provider relationship that I have developed over time which has been collaborative and established a mutual trust for the efficient and productive delivery of health care services. I had experienced mild on and off headaches for about three days when I decided to go to the medical clinic in my neighborhood. As I got into the reception, I was warmly received by the patient who offered me somewhere I could sit down and relax comfortably. The waiting room was well furnished with warm colors, and the couches were very comfortable. There were excellent quality artistic impressions all over the room, and soft instrumental music played from the television system, at balanced tones. For a moment I got excited at such a welcoming and interesting environment which exhibited the

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