The Happy Man

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Name Tutor Course Date How is the main character affected by his newly found happiness? In the story, we are told that the character is affected by the newly found happiness in a positive way. When he wakes up happy, unlike in most days, his heart is filled with newly profound zeal and appreciation for almost everything. He is filled with love for people and animals on this particular day. Additionally, when he wakes up happy, he feels all his body organs functioning perfectly. He simply feels the desire to achieve great things that he has never felt like achieving before. Why is it ironic that the man seeks medical attention for his happiness? Naturally, medical attention is sought when one is in pain, either emotional or physical. Happiness is not a state of pain. Instead, it is a good feeling that everybody struggles to achieve. Therefore, when the man seeks medical attention for his happiness, it gets completely ironic. This is because it is weird for a person to seek medical attention for a situation which other normal people want to achieve. Additionally, there is no treatment for happiness since it is neither a condition nor a disease. Do you think the main character is genuinely happy, or does he really need a psychiatrist? Support your answer with evidence from the story. I think that the main character was genuinely happy and there was no need for him to involve a psychiatrist. For one, he vividly describes his state of happiness, and from his description, it is clear that his happiness was genuine. His feeling of happiness was so clear and intense that it manifested itself in his mind and senses, as he explains. What is the writer of the story

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