The Hand-Chisel Or the Chainsaw?

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Chapter 11 Discussion: The hand-chisel or the chainsaw? In examining technological advancements, there are both positive and negative effects. The biggest advancement that technology offers lies on its effect on efficiency. With the instigation of technology, there have been numerous improvements in different sectors of the world. It has impacted transport and communication, education and health care, among other sectors. Technological advancements have complemented human labor; ensuring that there is an increase in productivity. Comparing the hand-chisel and chain saw, it is obvious that the latter prove more efficient due to its powerful and developed nature. Inasmuch as technology offers different advancements, the issue of efficiency is more important because of its role in ascertaining progress in various sectors. Nonetheless, there are potential negatives affiliated with technological advancements. These newly developed technologies often cause unemployment opportunities. While they may be used in complementing human labor, they replace human labor. In such cases, human beings appear redundant and worthless, thereby, interfering with the progressive nature of technology. Unemployment opportunities may force people to indulge in crime so as to sustain themselves. It is quite clear that over-dependence on technology is derogatory to humans. When they are over-reliant on technology, they fail to acquaint themselves with innovative ideas. Technological advancements change human beings into robots because of their over-dependence on machines. There is an impact of technological advancements on intercultural relations. While sharing new technologies with other

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