The Hampton Roads Conference

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Horace Greeley, who was the founder and editor of the New York Tribune newspaper, was one of the most distinguished individuals at the time of the civil war. He was excellent in appealing to the masses and therefore threatened Abraham Lincoln’s authority with his constant criticism about the status of the Confederate states. Greeley was always for the union of all states through the inclusion of the Confederate states into the US. He was weary for Lincoln’s administration at first feeling sure that Lincoln was too mild and would result in the victory for the southern states. Among his most outstanding contributions in the civil unrest and the period occurred over time with his continued propaganda articles about slavery on the New York Tribune. This was arguably the most important factor of the conference and the determination of whether a truce could be formed. Greeley kept this issue alive in the northern territory, and when he got directly involved in the crisis, his stalks even short higher. His editorial columns proposed a desire for a candidate who would restrict the act of slavery to the southern states. The Tribune could be used to communicate any information. Lincoln therefore first of all made an announcement concerning the possible cessation through exchanges between him and Greeley. No one else had the same authority as the one wielded by Horace Greeley apart from Abraham Lincoln on matters of public persuasion. Once, during the civil war, an article from the Tribune encouraged the union's army to press forward, an action that led to the defeat. The mock afterword’s made him for the first time to suggest to Lincoln about giving up the war. In 1864, he

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