The Hamlet: Light, Camera, Action

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The Hamlet: Light, Camera, Action The Hamlet was one of Shakespeare’s most renowned works and more precisely the fourth only below Henry IV part one, Pericles and Richard III. This play was to write for the illustrious Richard Burbage who was a member of the Lord Chamberlain’s men who was known for his mastery of lines and his exemplary performance and specialty in tragic sets during his time. Hamlet was first produced during the early 17th century between the year 1600 and 1601 and was perform in the Globe theatre which had just been constructed in the previous year. The plot of the play related to various issues during the time like public corruption. The adaptations of this play have been seen over the years with translation and modifications that were oriented to interest the viewers at the time while at the same time trying to maintain the originality. In this essay, a short synopsis will be important in understanding the review of the play. Many will claim that there is no joy or delight in the play. There is no doubt that a story whose main theme is revenge will have nothing for which to be joyful. However, the play is acted in a way that portrays character complexity and richness of thoughts such that the viewer pictures it with insight to the existence of humanity. When Hamlet’s father was murdered by his brother, the later takes his mother as well to be his wife. His father’s ghost are said to be the ones that reveal this to him and the way he behaves, and act tell it all. He is not only angry but also devastated and this drives him towards insanity. Hamlet is well aware of the incestuous relationship between his uncle and his mother and that drives him

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