The Halo Effect

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The Halo Effect.Student’s name University affiliation Date: Abstract Physical appearance plays a vital role in various matters of life. It is observed directly in job markets where people are interviewed for relevant positions. It acts as an immediate determinant of internal competence where an individual can be judged from the outward appearance. The current study proposes that in a setting where actors ask the participants for charitable donations, the group with the actors that are dressed more presentable or professional will collect more money than the group of actors that are dressed unpresentable or unprofessionally. Two groups of individuals were selected, one representing the professionally dressed individuals and another representing the unprofessionally dressed individuals. The proposed hypothesis is then proved by subjecting the two groups of individuals into a class of students where they make their presentations for the audience to judge and contribute towards their charity organization . Introduction: Halo Effect is a cognitive bias by an individual towards certain entities. The entity could be a product, someone’s method of dressing, the way someone walks, talks and even the intellectual abilities of an individual. It has numerous effects on the daily activities. The halo effect works both in positive and negative directions, for instance, if an observer, likes the physical appearance of an individual, the impression is positive, however, if one dislike the physical impression of the other person then it would have a negative effect. Halo is a term that has been used in analogy to the religious concept, a glowing circle which is seen

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