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The Guardian Article Review “A border makes no sense to us: the view from Ireland's frontier” (Edwards, 2016) was a story in the Guardian on 21st October 2016. The article explored what lay ahead for Ireland after the Brexit on the perspective of the Irish Citizens. According to the paper, there was a feeling of uncertainty as to what lay ahead for the country. Most of the people feared that border regulations would be set up just like before the European Union. This would hurt their businesses as the majority of the Country's exports were to Britain (Edwards, 2016). There was also fear of reduction in the flow of money into the country’s economy. Many feared that volatility along the borders would also resume. The story is brought out in a rather unique style. The story rather than outline directly what was at stake, relies on interviews with different categories of people. It seeks the views of various business people as well as professionals who had first-hand information of what life was like before the European Union. A fish seller, celebrity chef, retired banker, and other retired business men in different fields. The article by doing this, aimed to include the views of almost everybody so that it had an unbiased view of the state of affairs. Fist person point of view is also well incorporated into the article so that readers could find credence to the story and relate to their predicaments. The use of images further solidifies the trust in the story. Foe every person's thought's and views, there is their accompanying photo showing who they are and their business area. Through the images, readers are able to see that their stories must be real and not

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