The Great Gatsby

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course number: Date: The Great Gatsby The amoral and unregulated struggles to accumulate wealth and live the perfect life is the ultimate adversary to the achievement of the ideal American dream. The use of unethical and carefree means to obtain wealth and achieve the American dream makes the realization of the dream not worthwhile. The poor who climb the social status through their effort are subject to the “old money” individuals in the higher social class, to either destroy them or build them (Pearson, 641). Therefore, the aristocratic rich who are perceived to live the ideal American dream are hindered and disturbed by the lack of psychological peace while the mostly good hearted low class who raise their standards face are challenged by the aristocratic wealth in all scenarios. First, the American dream is the utopian illusion of a perfect and prosperous livelihood of the people characterized with advancement in social status and wealth accrual that are allowed to individual hard work. America during the 1920s after the world war was fortunate regarding the growing materialistic wealth and money. The accumulation of the wealth was, on the other hand, unchecked, and social morals were abandoned because of the hypocrisy that would be linked to it considering the carnage caused during the First world war. The means of achieving the idolized dream was not a primary emphasis rather the level of wealth after the ascension to the top. The name and fame will be based on the person when he is wealthy as seen by all those around him. But the route and how the wealth was obtained is not always of concern. But everyone did

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