The Great Gasby

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Name Tutor Course Date of submission The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald was a prosperous and a creative writer who coined the book ‘The Great Gatsby.' The narrative provides a critical overview of the history of America in the twentieth century. The stories in the novel express dramatic American scenes and therefore, it is a book with glamorous themes like irony, loveliness, humor, and pathos among other themes. The focus of the America`s Dreams takes center stage in the novel. Fitzgerald has utilized characters, topics, and imagery to pass on the possibility of the American Dream and its consequences through the parts of riches, family, and status. In addition, Fitzgerald clarifies this scenario of the American Dream by utilizing the Protagonist himself as an image of the tainted thought all through the content. Moreover, the characters uncover the debasement developing in the family framework display in the novel. The Great Gatsby is one of my most loved books since it addresses numerous issues in American culture. One of the most significant issues discussed is the American Dream and how it dehumanizes or attempt to dehumanize individuals. I concur with everything that the Gatsby said, “riches make significant portions of the characters in the novel to abandon their morals” (71). In the novel, despite the fact that the Tycoon is offering bonds illicitly, out of the considerable number of characters- - Nick, Daisy, Tom, and Jordon- - he is human. From my point of view, the Protagonist utilizes appearance to attempt to ignore everybody's existence since he needs Daisy. He cherishes Daisy, he says, “I trust more than Tom ever will” (Gatsby 154).

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