The Good and Bad Teachers

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The Good and Bad Teachers Teachers have a strong contribution to the level of student learning based on their characters and their interpersonal skills. Some teachers have positive skills and thus have positive impacts on their learners. On the contrary, some teachers have negative skills and thus have negative impacts on their learners’ perceptions. However, whatever attitude and character a teacher has towards the students, learners have the capability to remember the kind of teacher relations that influenced their learning. On the same note, I have come across two teachers who have got great impact in my life, one having a positive image and another negative. Mr. Rose, my fourth-grade teacher, remains remarkable and most renowned in the positive personality impacts he had in my life. On the other hand, Mrs. Hanning’s negative outstanding personality character is one that I would like to forget soonest. Though both of them were good teachers, I noted that personal approach to teaching profession has a lasting impact on the student lives. Consequentially, it would be fair if I labeled Mr. Rose as my most favorite all time teacher. He was very passionate, patient, funny and very caring to his students. At times, he would forgo personal time and be available for the students’ learning needs thus leaving school late. Moreover, he would always ensure that he gave encouragements to the students and very constructive homework. His practicality in teaching saw him introduce salmon fish in class so that we could learn their life cycle in tanks. He was the one who made the students feel they were valuable and maintained his character even to another school where he became

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