The Golden Temple

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Spirituality and religion closely related to worship of a supreme being. In most cases, therefore, places of worship are critical elements to religion. From small altars in people’s houses to sacred shrines on the hills and from small village chapels to city cathedrals the places are regarded dwelling of a deity. It should thus be noted that the cathedrals and the temples are essential components of spirituality. In most cases, the cathedrals and temples are uniquely and architecturally designed to incorporate the beliefs and values of the followers. The subject of the present article is to provide a reflection of a virtual tour of The Golden Temple. The Golden Temple is commonly referred to as Harmandir Sahib that can be translated to The Abode of God. The temple is revered among the Sikh community who believe that the site is central to their faith given the perceived presence of their God with the temple acting as a pilgrimage center to the Sikhs around the world. The site is not considered a central place to the Sikh belief, but it also serves as a symbol of equality and brotherhood throughout the globe. The sense of balance is noted in the fact the place of worship was designed and built to allow trans-faith worship. The spirit of integration is also indicated in the fact that the founder of the Temple invited a Muslim leader to lay the foundation stone to the building despite the documented animosity between the Sikhs and Muslims. The Harmandir Sahib is a depiction of an utmost devotion to religion with the architectural construction being the epitome of symbolism for the values it presents. The present reflection cannot help but admire the artistic construction

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