The Gift of the Magi

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Name Instructor Course Date “Gift of the Magi” The main theme in the selected text is ‘love.' The theme is the subject discussed in a book or any form of writing. It’s the idea that appears more than once in a work of art. An author’s piece of work may contain the central theme and other supporting themes. The ‘theme ' is the leading ideas and portrays the underlying message in a novel. In the Henry’s “Gift of the Magi,” the theme of love is seen to recur. Love is the feeling of affection towards another person. The main characters in “Gift of the Magi” are seen to fall in love. Jim and Della are in love, and the two are struggling to get gifts for each other on Christmas day. In her daily errands, Della keeps saving to buy a gift for James young. “Three times Della counted it. One dollar and eighty-seven cents….” (Kennedy and Dana 272). However, she’s disappointed that the only money she has saved all along amounts to one dollar and eighty cents. The feeling of disappointing a beloved one is engrossed in her mind that she falls into bed and cries. “Della finished her cry and attended her cheeks…” to show the emotions that engulfed her (Kennedy and Dana 272). Love is expressed in the possessive pronouns used by the author. The author uses the pronoun 'her Jim' meaning that Della treasures James and regards him as her possession. Love is about cherishing one another and being protective. Della is ready to protect James and treat her as a precious possession and thus regards him as hers (Kennedy and Dana 272). Love is also seen when Della sold her hair to get money for Jim’s gift. After crying, she sought for options of

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