The Future of Leadership

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The Future of Leadership Question 1: What is meant by, every deep crisis contains a significant opportunity? There is a crisis of leadership in the world and people perceive this problem but trying to resolve issues. However, though this problem is existing, there is always a way out to get things done. These deep crises would still bring opportunities of solving issues and getting a way out. For instance, in the past, there was the problem of communication across the world since various communication platforms had not been developed or invented such as Facebook Twitter and others (THINK, n.d). This causes people to think and find ways to solve the problem by introducing these modes which then becomes an excellent opportunity for development in every aspect of life. Question 2: What is meant by developing markets? Emerging markets here means the countries that were traditionally producers and bears about 77% of the world's consumption. Question 3: What is meant by bottlenecks? This means some delays in development and the fact that innovation are locked in a manner that nothing developmental can be done Question 4: What is meant by, "we are very good at heart attacks but very bad in cancer"? This means the nature in which organization can be mobilized when they face the crisis. There is a difficulty in mobilization when dealing with a slow trend Question 5: What is meant by "asking for great ideas?" Asking for great ideas means sourcing ideas from anyone in the world as long as one is smart enough to ask for such ideas from the sources. Question 6: Why is social media so important to future leaders? The new information technology reduces the cost of communication, and a

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