The Future of Artificial Intelligence

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Student`s Name Professor`s Name Course Title Date of Submission The Future of Artificial Intelligence According to Urban, Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) comprises of speed super intelligence and quality super intelligence. Speed superintelligence entails that computers have the intelligence of a human being while quality means that they can think much faster than humankind. The topic of ASI is highly controversial, and Urban tries to enlighten us on both sides of the conflict. There is a lot of misconception about ASI among scientist and other interested parties. In the blog, Urban classifies people according to their beliefs about the future of ASI. People who are genuinely optimistic about the future are grouped to form the Confidence Corner. They hope and view a promising future filled with ASI, and confident everything is going to get better. Additionally, their perspective on technology is that it has only done more good than harm, and the possibility of a doomsday scenario happening close to zero (Urban, 20). Urban quotes Eliezer Yudkwosky on the blog, and I agree with the sentiments. Intelligence has been evolving over the years and given enough time we can solve most of the problems that we are facing. When we take a look at our history, there was a time human could not travel by air. It is just a matter of time. In order to show the optimist side of ASI, Urban gives an example of Kurzweil`s view on the subject. I don’t share his view that ASI will have taken over the world. We have a long way ahead of us since such intelligence depends on other things like politics and funding. I agree with him that biotechnology and nanotechnology will play

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