The Examination of Turing and Mylan Pharmaceuticals price increases of Daraprim and Epipens, respectively

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Name Instructor Course Date The Examination of Turing and Mylan Pharmaceuticals Price Increases Public Response The public responded to the increase in price with a loud uproar. This was because the government had kept a blind eye on previous price hikes of drugs such as the price for HIV/Aids medicine by Martin Shkreli and the Gilead who raised the price for Hepatitis C medicine. The public argued that the government was no longer worried about the effects the price had on people who depended on the auto-injectors due to allergic reactions. Apart from torturing them from the lack of the medicine, it was raising their cost of living amid the deteriorating economy and increase in prices for other basic things. Rather, the terming of the hike by the senator as a PR fix enraged the public the more who reported that the previous price increases on vital medicines were similarly regarded as verbiage. To them, the unjustified costs was a way of denying the ordinary citizens a life-saving treatment while they need it all the time(Hiltzik 3). As a result, patients who could not afford were forced to continue using the expired ones after a year of usage, hoping that the medicine would work in the instance of an emergency. Further, some resulted to other cheap alternatives regardless of the side effects. According to Prescott, some of the members of the public took to social media to rally others to join in and collect signatures to halt the move. One campaign started by a wife of a man who depends on the drug attracted over 80000 signatures. As a result, the company CEOs were examined an exercise that made them introduce a generic model of a two pack at half the initial

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