The Ethics Surrounding the Creation of Children with Preferred Traits

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The Ethics Surrounding the Creation of Children with Preferred Traits The scientific term for this act is known as eugenics. Francis Galton developed it as a way of enhancing the human race. Through eugenics, parents can choose desirable traits for their children. Is it not natural for one to want superior health and intelligence for their children? Why would someone in their right mind want a less intelligent and a less healthy child if they have a safe option of making them more superior in that regard? I think the reason why man came up with medicine, health institutions, education, and schools was for things like superior intelligence and good health to reign over bad health and inferior intelligence. The fact that many people do not have a problem with these institutions makes me wonder why most of them have a problem with eugenics. It is not like the modern medicine used to treat various conditions today is natural; in fact, the outcomes of certain treatments like those for cancer are usually uncertain. However, with all the uncertainty, people still accept them because they know for sure that without them, the patient will soon die. The same way that these people are willing to try some cancer treatments whose outcomes are unknown is the same way they should be ready to try eugenics whose results are almost guaranteed. The only issue that the scientific invention poses is the risk of taking away the same equality it offers. The science is very expensive and, therefore, only available to the wealthy who already have a significant advantage over the poor. If they are again able to make their children healthier, stronger, more intelligent, and with less need to

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