The Ethics of International Business

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Corporate Social Responsibility <Name> <College> <Course> Professor: <> Date: <> Corporate Social Responsibility CSR refers to an organization approach which results to maintainable development by providing economic, communal and environmental welfares for all the people (Frederick, 2008). The CSR is meant in encouraging businesses to be more conscious of the consequences of their activities to the rest of the society comprising their stakeholders and the entire environment. Corporate social responsibility offers various direct advantages to firms. For example, through CSR companies build a responsible reputation. When businesses build a good reputation, they gain competitive advantage. Many customers and companies mostly support dealers who have responsible strategies. Some clients do not only desire to transact with responsible businesses but maintain on it. Therefore, if a business engages itself in corporate social responsibility activities, it would have a high competitive advantage and hence reduce rivalry. Also, companies benefit by reducing cost, when they engage in corporate social responsibility. When companies minimize the resource use, wastes, and emissions, they do not only secure the environment, but they also save money. Through this activities, companies can cut on the utility and waste clearance expenses and hence get cash benefits (Lindgreen, 2010). Through CSR business can reap many other advantages such as innovation, brand differentiation, and good employee relationships. Lastly, CSR assists in the reduction of increased taxation and regulation by the local government. There are many companies all over the

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