The Ethics of Drone Warfare

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NAME PROFESOR COURSE DATE ETHICS OF DRONE WARFARE Ethics deals with morally accepted principles that govern a society, individuals, or an organization. Ethics also deals with an approved code of conduct that guides a given course of action. A drone is a remote-controlled aircraft that is used by nations in war, the drone when used during war automatically locates the targeted terrorist or sworn enemy to the state and kills. Furthermore, the use of drone must be ethical in that it should not violate human rights or civilians and due care should be taken when launching it since it carries missiles that are deadly to any civilian who is not a target. The reasons also as to why the drone is not dangerous is because technology should be cultivated into activities despite its negatives effect on humanity. Any head of state whose administration wants to initiate signature or targeted drone attack is justifiable due to several reasons, for a fact, the use of drone attacks does not call for battlefield warfare as compared to other forms and kinds of war. While different types of conflict like drawing battlefield may create many casualties; drone attack causes few losses if not used under reasonable and due care. In Obama’s flowery speech about drone attacks that was and is still used by the United States, he put out clearly that drone attack is an effective means of responding to the terrorist attack by the Islamic States like Al-Qaida, ( Barack Obama 1 ). Obama further stated that their counterterrorism plan included cooperation with other countries, gathering information, arresting, and prosecution and finally

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