The Epic of Gilgamesh

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The Epic of Gilgamesh One of the renowned epic stories ever written in Cuneiform is The Epic of Gilgamesh whose main hero was an actual historical figure. Gilgamesh was revered and celebrated for his sound judgment. Gilgamesh was a king who ruled Uruk, a Sumerian State in Mesopotamia around 2700 B.C. Uruk is one of the prominent cities of ancient Mesopotamia, a country which lay between the two great rivers Tigris and Euphrates which are now in modern day Iraq. Some of its ruins are in southern Iraq between the areas of Baghdad and Basra. The first translations of the writings about Gilgamesh were published almost a hundred years ago. The fear of death is the principal theme of this book although other themes are also described in this writing. Gilgamesh who was a combination of both man and god, revered by all was the greatest of all men and in contrast a personification of all virtues of men. He was the bravest warrior, fairest judge and the most ambitious builder who surrounded Uruk with excellent walls. When Enkidu arrives, who is almost Gilgamesh’s equal, he positions himself to act as a balance to the extremes of Gilgamesh such as his selfishness, forced labor and abusive exercise of power. Gilgamesh and Enkidu form a deep friendship which calms him and realigns him to his roles as king. Gilgamesh is deeply affected by Enkidu’s death, and he is engulfed in grief for a lengthy period of time as he is worried about the possibility of his own death. Gilgamesh abandons his ways abruptly. He leaves all worldly aspirations to focus on a path to eternal life. In his mission to learn the mystery of eternal life, he stumbles upon the wisdom to understand and reconcile

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