The Effects of Social Media

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The Effects of Social Media The internet particularly, social media and all other forms of technology are common in our society today. As evidenced in various ways, the use of technology has both positive and negative effects in our day to day life, especially to the young generation who are fond of the internet and other social media platforms. These effects have been elaborated by Jim Taylor and Larry Rosen in their studies. According to Jim Taylor, the ugly side of children’s’ use of social media is internet addiction. He describes this situation as characterized by excessive use of the internet, which hinders the day to day functioning and this can lead to distress. Past research shows that internet addicts portray compulsive behavior, depression, attention deficit among others (Psychology Today). Larry Rosen further affirms this statement by stating that students were only able to concentrate on a task on an average of three to five minutes. Their distractions stemming from the excessive use of internet related devices ("The Colorado Daily," n.d). Larry Rosen also explains how social media not only impacts negatively on the children’s temporary focus and attention but also impacts on their overall performance in school ("The Colorado Daily"). The students in Jim Taylor’s study proved beyond doubt that internet addiction is real, certainly passing the duck test as he quotes “if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it is probably a duck (Psychology Today).” Students explained their obsession with the internet as scary stating that they cannot imagine themselves in a world without technology. Jim Taylor goes on to describe how social media steals

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