The effect of soothing Aromas on Pregnant Mothers

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Name Professor Class 16 December 2016 The Effect of Soothing Aromas on Pregnant Mothers Aromatherapy is relatively new on the horizon of holistic medicine. Even newer is the use of aromatherapy to assist in calming the anxieties of expectant mothers. To date, the hospitals using aromatherapy is small but growing in number. This new practice is part of the holistic systems appearing in hospitals across the world (Babar et al., 602). In a test study with mice, many of the oils listed below had a very calming effect in which anxiety was reduced in much the same ways as an expectant mother by producing a sedative effect that affects the same areas in the brain of mice and humans (Buchbauer et al., 664). The list of scents below does play a role in those hospitals that choose to implement aromatherapy. A certified aromatherapist is a requirement in all hospital settings. This practice is growing (Grigsby, 68). Aromatherapy uses specific scents like Rose essential oil. This s floral aroma can promote calm and relaxation. It is used in the bath during the early labor and as a massage mixture for the father to use on the patient’s back or abdomen. Another scent is Jasmine oil, which can dull uterine pain, strengthens contractions during labor, and promotes healthy production of breast milk. Neroli oil- enhances the spirit and brings clearness to the mind. This essential oil increases circulation throughout the body and reduces anxiety and fear levels. Also, the Lavender oil scent accentuates for pain relief and is a calming aid to strengthen contraction. Clary Sage oil relieves pain and tension and reinforces the breathing and muscular contractions in labor. The final

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