The Effect of Materialistic Life on the Lifestyle of a Family

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: The Effect of Materialistic Life on the Lifestyle of a Family Materialistic life has been associated with unsatisfied and unhappy lifestyles of families. The paper is based on three different plays which include The Glass Menagerie, Long Day's Journey into Night and Dancing at Lughnasa. Materialistic life causes conflicts and social disorder just as illustrated by the three plays. It has been reflected in family relations and has resulted in conflicts in various instances in the three plays. The literary works and plays emphasize that there are problems right in the heart of the most important unit of society which is family and how it suffers by facing a catastrophe. The plays illustrate the family as one of the victims of materialistic life by drawing the picture of deceit and illusion. In the play, “The Glass Menagerie,” Tom feels that materialistic life has confined him and explores various ways to free himself and escape from that confinement. He views his life at the warehouse as a nailed coffin where he is suffocating as time passes by and promises to escape. Tom toils in the shoe warehouse in order to support his mother as well as his sister after his father ran off several years ago. Therefore, he has limited choices and decides to live with such kind of materialistic life in order to make ends meet. However, that kind of life brings out various effects on his family as illustrated in the play. Apart from his life in his workplace, Tom also views his life within the family as a coffin as a result of materialistic life. Amanda who is Tom’s mother puts pressure on her children hence compromising their relationship as

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