the early middle ages

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Name of Student Name of Professor Course Date Fragmentation of Roman Power in Late Antiquity The late antiquity presents the period between, (C.300-C.800). It is the period during which the barbarian invasions defeated the Roman power in Western Europe in the 5th century. Arab invasion ended Roman Power over east and southern Mediterranean coasts by late 7th century. The power was threatened by cultural clashes, geographical controversies, competing religions and political restructurings. Threats to the Roman power Pressures that led to the fall of the Roman empire included invasions by barbarian tribes. The power sustained military losses against outside forces such as the Goths and Germanic uprisings. Threats from economic troubles and reliance on slave labor were another threat. Overspending on wars led to depletion of imperial coffers, with inflation and taxation widening the gap between the rich and the poor. They could not get slaves as they were losing in battle. Division of the power by Emperor Diocletian into two accelerated fragmentations. Other threats included overexpansion and military overspending, with rampant corruption and political instability. The power faced threats from the arrival of Huns and the Migration of the barbarian tribes. Reforms Aimed at Saving the Roman Empire Efforts to save the Roman Empire from collapsing targeted grouping of classes and change of currency from Denarius to Solidus. Others included edict of prices to help deal with inflation. The change of currency was an effort in futility since it led to a reduction of value instead of strengthening it. Emperor Constantine accepted Christianity while his grouping led

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