The Dubliners

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For decades now, the works of James Joyce have been studied in colleges and reviewed severally by renown scholars of Literature, not because they are of any particular inclination but because of the artistic use of social representation utilized by the author. Dubliners are among Joyce’s works that among other things, received attention in the scholarly circles of literature. The series of short stories with a collection of books is a mark above the rest when it comes to societal representation and critique. A book collected after his college, Joyce is fathomed at the pace of life at his home country Ireland. The mere fact that his compatriots treated life itself as a sick person makes him bemoan the courage of his people. Drawn into the conflicting insights of religion and education, James sees Ireland be a suffering country. With a medical background, he can provide a diagnosis of his ailing country and compares it to Paralysis. The link is rather satirical as much as it is deliberate. A country suffering from indecision and is at the brink of death because of its divided constructive ways. On one side, religion pushes for conservativeness while on the other, education is championing for open-mindedness and innovation. The dilemma situation one find self is of the painful conditions same as paralysis. The review of the James Joyce’s series- Dubliners in this paper focuses on three previous appraisals by scholars. The papers in the discussion include the works of Florence Walzl and two of Gerhard Friedrich’s articles. The authors, both place emphasis on two particular stories from the Dubliners collection. These are the Dead and the Sisters. In argument, Freidrich

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