The Distributed Denial of Service Attack

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Asymmetric warfare is a war between two groups whereby one group is highly skilled and equipped for the war than the other group. Anonymous is involved in asymmetric warfare whereby it participates in fights against some government activities, religious activities, and corporates through hacking their websites. The fight by Anonymous is asymmetrical since they fight with more great agencies whereas they have to true leaders. Groups like Anonymous make the government more accountable in many ways like: Firstly, the anonymous could not be able to access business websites or other companies through hacking if at all there were measures laid to prevent such acts. Also, such groups keep the government on toes in its activities in a bid to avoid protests by such groups. Groups like Anonymous can be critical in making sure that there is no oppression of the citizens. Also, groups like Anonymous have positive effects in our communities since they try to defend the weak and the oppressed in our community. For instance, Anonymous has shown concern in children pornography and fought hard against it. It has also attacked government agencies such as FBI leading to reforms and arrest of some individuals. Therefore, due to their positive intentions, I regard such groups as change agents. DDOS (Distributed Denial of Services an attack on a website where the services of the websites are inaccessible to the users through the creation of traffics in the website. This kind of attack involves a group of people creating congestion on a site so as to achieve a particular goal. That sort of activity is difficult to prevent since the DDOs first pretend to be regular users and then together form

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