the difference between critics of colonialism between Asia and Africa

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Name Instructor Course Date The Differences in Critics of Colonialism between Africa and Asia The traditions and heritages in the modern African and Asian countries are a mixture of practices exercised by the natives and the descendants of the European colonialists. Both the Asia and African countries were the highly colonized regions around the world owing to their then illiteracy and lack of active forces to shun away imperials. Although the colonialists may have similar motives, critics indicate that countries in the two continents dealt with the issues differently. The effort to decolonize themselves took different course and time span depending on the countries’ strength and determination. However, even despite the absence of the corporeal colonization, the independence brought in new changes part of which is a new form of colonialism that does not call for the physical presence. Some of the countries advanced from the colonizers and took it as a lesson to manage succeeding regimes, but others are still struggling with retrogressive rulings, civil wars, economic downfalls and western constitutions. While decolonization transformed the relationships amongst the natives, and between politics and societies, the experience is utterly different between the Asians and Africans. Decolonization and the third world independence movements took place due to varying complex reasons and differed from one country to the other. There are three elements, however, that played a central role in the process. These were the people’s quest for freedom, the onset of the Second World War which revealed that the colonizers were not invulnerable and increased focus on

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