The Development of Social Media in the UAE

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The Development of Social Media in the UAE Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation The Development of Social Media in the UAE Just like in other nations, social media in the UAE plays a critical role in driving all aspects of life ranging from socialization to business. However, the growth of social media was not a spontaneous process but rather a gradual one which was aided mainly by the growing population and economy. As a result, the media size in the country has continued to grow, and social media is an integral part of this development. History of the Social Media in the UAE Over the years, the UAE has mostly been recognized for its intensive economic growth majorly aided by natural resources, trade, and tourism. While the media plays a critical role in this respect, social media was largely treated as a "Western phenomenon." Notably, the fact that all the content on Facebook was generated exclusively in English made early penetration impossible. Instead, the authorities intensified in enhancing other modes of communication such as radio, TV, and newspapers customized in Arabic. However, as the population demographics gradually changed into the 2000s, there was a realization that social media was necessary for spurring further social and economic growth. In 2009, the Arabic Facebook was launched and proved to be a major game changer in the history of social media in the UAE (Klischewski, 2014). Essentially, the number of Facebook users in the country increased, and the penetration rate also rose to 67%. Due to the influx of foreigners who constitute a fair share of the UAE population, social media became a significant tool for interaction and the

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