The Deliberations Of An Organization

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Abstract In evaluating the deliberations of an organization, it becomes essential that there is an analysis of key issues such as the product lifecycle and the components of supply chain management. In such an evaluation, the goal is not just to expose the weak areas; rather there is every effort to ensure that there is a suggestion for the best way forward to see a rectification of the areas lacking credibility and put much effort in the secure areas. In this paper, there is an in-depth discussion of the deliberations of Apple Inc, given aspects such as the weaknesses in the products life cycle, the strategies which the organization needs as well as the development of a total quality management tool, (TQM). There is also the analysis of the advantages of employing just in time philosophy, (JIT) as well as the determination of the qualitative and quantitative forecasting method. Keywords: just in time philosophy, total quality management tool Management Aspects in Apple Inc Product life cycle In assessing the viable product life cycle, there is an alignment of the viability towards the products that have a long life cycle. Considering the products of the Apple Inc, there is a realization that they have a short life cycle. Such a cycle does not auger well with the satisfaction of customers. Another weakness is that; the Apple Inc. operating system does not work in conjunction with hardware from outside. Although this factor in itself is a positive one for the purpose of maintaining the uniqueness of the designs, it is a weakness in the sense that it limits the market share. In generating a new product design at the Apple Inc., it would be viable to consider the elements

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