The death rate due to motor vehicle accidents in the state of Florida

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Death Rates from Motor Vehicle Accidents in Florida Author’s name: Institution: Abstract This essay studies and discusses the death rates in the US state of Florida as a result of motor vehicle accidents. This is achieved by analyzing Statistical information dating to over five years ago in order to establish a pattern. The data reveals that over the years, there has been a gradual rise in the number of deaths following these accidents. The study then identifies various causes that lead to such accidents such as intoxicated driving, recklessness, pedestrian ignorance, and distractions. The study further stipulates the effects of high mortality rates to the Florida community such as high medical and funeral costs, high rate of lawsuits and loss of productive labor due to death among young people. Applicable remedies are then provided to help reduce the number of deaths in Florida due to motor vehicle accidents. These solutions include, stringent legislative measures, education programmes, evaluation of fitness to drive among old people and the constant reminder to abide by traffic and other road safety rules. In 2012, surveillance data indicated that motor vehicle traffic accidents in the state of Florida are among the leading causes of injury death; fourth only to firearms falls and poisonings (Florida Injury Facts, 2012). Although a majority of the accidents were caused by reckless and rowdy young drivers, the data revealed that majority of the fatal accident victims were aged 85 and above (due to their fragility) while those between 15 and 24 years recorded the second highest number of fatalities. It was also revealed that the fatality rates among males

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