The Death of Ivan Ilyich

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Student`s Name Professor`s Name Course Title Date of Submission The Death of Ivan Ilyich Tolstoy novel “The Death of Ivan Ilyich" is narrated in a human and realist manner. The central theme of the book is morality which is brought out by the central protagonist, Ivan. It starts with the death of the main character and then shifts to the story of Ivan`s life. Ivan is born as the second of three sons and attends law school where he learns how to follow the society`s set standards. He becomes a magistrate and marries Praskovya as it the belief that he should be married as a young legal man. Time moves and Ivan moves up the rank. He blindly accepts the beliefs and values of the society and is quickly drawn to the high social standings. Additionally, he copies the conduct and lifestyle of the upper class in the belief that this would provide meaning and fulfillment. Ivan is all about his comfort and material well-being and does not entertain anything that interferes with this. He buys a house and decorates it to show his social status. Consequently, when his wife becomes pregnant, Ivan retreats from he and puts all his efforts in his official work. He can isolate himself from the rest of the world, and this only leads him to pain and unfulfillment. Shortly after starting a new job, Ivan falls ill. This limits his movements, and he is forced to stay in bed. Ivan is confronted with the idea of death thus making him feel isolated. This loneliness terrifies him, and he reflects on his own life. Ivan can understand the true nature of life and the errors of his existence (Gale, 2016). Through the help of his caregiver, Gerasim, Ivan realizes that compassion and love

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