The dangers of using a cell phone while driving.

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Name Professor Course Date The Dangers of Using a Cell Phone While Driving. Currently, how many people have cell phones? And how many of those who have mobile phones do use them while driving? The answer to these questions is very obvious, in fact, you only need to take a walk to the nearest street to get the answers. This habit is very dangerous, and the only recommendation that one can ever give is that using mobile phones while driving should stop. Ever since cell phones came into existence in the 1980s, the use has spread across the world to an extent that even teenagers use such gadgets, and it is not a unique incidence to come across a teenager using a cell phone as he trains on how to drive (Strasburger, Hogan and Mulligan 358). Research has revealed that despite the many advantages that have come with cell phones, using such phones while driving is likely to distract the attention, leading to accidents (Robert 82). It is true that cell phones have improved communication system across the globe, more so in terms of flexibility (Caird, Johnston and Willness 313). In addition to the normal calls that people make, one is able to send a text message, listen to FM radio, take pictures, and do so many other things; all these features have helped in facilitating business, and enhancing personal convenience. However, according to studies by (Joshua, Shackleford and Dieckmann 379), using cell phones while driving has the greatest drawback when it comes to road safety. The ‘nice’ features of a mobile phone can easily divert the driver's attention, leading to fatal accidents on the roads. According to (Barr, Kane and Barraco 367), when a driver's concentration is

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